Here's some commonly asked questions, if you can't find yours just drop us a line.

Who is the forum targeted at?

The Queensland Servant Leadership Forum (QSLF) is for Queenslanders (Australia) aged between 18 and 26 years interested in exploring the concept of Servant Leadership and realising their leadership potential.

Do I need to hold a current leadership position to attend?

To be a servant leader you don't need to hold any formal leadership position, so anyone can benefit from the Forum and the leadership concepts discussed.

Where is the forum held?

The Forum is held in the Brisbane CBD, Australia.

What does the forum cost?

There are two types of fees for the forum, Self Funded and Sponsored. To help make the forum more accessable Self Funded fees are assisted by QSLF. Current fees are:

  • Self Funded Attendee: $790
  • Sponsored Attendee: $990

  • A 5% discount also applies to Sponsors sending more than three Delegates.

    What does a 'live-in' forum mean?.

    One of the great things about QSLF is that it’s a live-in forum, meaning you will stay in a hotel with other participants and experience a full agenda of activities. These activities are carefully designed to flow on from one another to create a unique and personal experience, so it's important to stay for the entire forum. You will also be allocated to a small group, so not attending certain activities or discussions can be disruptive to your fellow group members.

    I see the forum is on 'faith and values' - does this mean it's a religious event?

    QSLF will prompt you to consider how your faith and values guide you in everyday life and how they can impact leadership. While faith, including Jesus’ role as a Servant Leader, is key to many of our discussions to help explore the concept of Servant Leadership, we don’t align with a particular religious faith. Rather, we give you the space to explore your personal values and let you decide how and if faith forms an integral component of your leadership style. Each year we have participants from various faith backgrounds and no religious background at all.

    I notice we spend time at Parliament House with state politicians - is the forum about politics?

    As part of the Forum we engage with Queensland political leaders, but rather than discussing political issues, State Politicians will share insights about their journey into leadership. QSLF provides you with a unique opportunity to see what some of our politicians are like out of the gaze of the media and let's you make your own judgments about their leadership styles.

    Why am I allocated to a small group?

    One of the unique things about QSLF is the opportunity we give you to engage in meaningful discussion about the concepts you’ve learnt and to share your thoughts and personal experiences. Therefore, participants are allocated a small group for the duration of the forum, which gives you a safe and supportive environment to engage in these discussions. Your small group will generally consist of five participants, two small group facilitators and a past participant.

    How do I get to and from the forum?

    Parking is limited, so public transport is advised to get to and from the Forum. All transport required during the event itself however is provided.

    Will I have to share a room?

    To ensure the Forum is affordable for young people, we have shared accommodation at the hotel. You will only share with one or two other delegates of the same gender and rooms will be allocated at random. Often roommates become friends, so it’s a great chance to get to know other people attending the forum.

    What if I have dietary restrictions or require special assistance?

    Please let us know and we can accommodate your needs.

    Can I get involved without attending the forum?

    Absolutely! We’re always looking to expand our group of volunteers. We require people to help organise the actual event each year, but also like to offer a range of activities throughout the year . If you can help out, we’d love to hear from you