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About the Forum

Servant leadership is about putting people first. It's about loving, caring and understanding people to bring out the best in them, rather than focusing on the advancement of the leader.

To be a servant leader you don't have to hold a position of power but recognise that you always have a position of influence. Servant leadership is about an integrated way of life.

The Queensland Servant Leadership Forum (QSLF) is unlike your average leadership conference. It’s not about passively sitting in front of presenters and making small talk in the breaks. QSLF is about creating a unique personal experience that will take you on a journey of self-discovery.

As a four-day live-in forum, QSLF frees you from the distractions of everyday life so you can turn your focus inward. Here, you’ll have the space to discover what makes you tick and what it really means to be a servant leader.

Guest speakers will get you thinking, group facilitators will challenge your point of view, activities will let you put Servant Leadership into practice and group members will become your confidantes and inspirators.

Due to the open and honest nature of the Forum, you may find that many of the relationships you build last a lifetime.

By the end of the Forum, we hope that you will have developed a stronger sense of self and a better understanding of how and why you make the decisions you do and most importantly, we hope that you will leave with a fresh approach to lead as an act of service

To support you in this, we have an active alumni network and Facebook page that will allow you to participate in an ongoing Forum of ideas and activities throughout the year.

If you’re aged between 18-26 years, the Queensland Servant Leadership Forum is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Contact us to find out more and we look forward to taking you on the QSLF journey.

This Years Forum

QSLF was held on 24 - 27 August 2017. Please contact us with regards to planning for QSLF 2018.